Meanwhile, Not At GenCon. . . . Aug 19


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Meanwhile, Not At GenCon. . . .

My fellow Princesses were whooping it up at GenCon this past weekend, but, (alas!) I was unable to make it there this year. Which was disappointing, because it was also my birthday this past weekend, and there is nothing that I enjoy more than a good gaming convention.

Except, maybe this*:


In brief, here’s what happened:

We (my boyfriend and I) saw an awesome glassblower who made the history of glass vivid and exciting:


This is Peter Andres of Andres & Chapman Glass. He was amazing.


We watched some Lords and Ladies playing Medieval Jenga.


Or it might have been a large game of DREAD.


We watched some saucy Vixens (en Garde) do the raunchy bits of Romeo & Juliet . . .


(This one is its own caption)


We were reminded that not all puppet shows are for children. . . .


Ded Bob loooved to tell jokes about . . . Bones. . . .


Our section in the joust stands wanted this guy to win:


The other knights mocked us by saying they’d have him back in time for curfew.

Sadly, he didn’t. . . .


But I offset the disappointment with some swag.


I am a sucker for dragonflies and blue opals.


So while I am sad that I missed GenCon this year (NEXT YEAR, GENCON! BE READY.) I found a suitably entertaining and geeky way to spend GenCon weekend, and get slightly sunburned in the process.

‘Til next time!


*That’s a lie. I love my gaming conventions. a LOT.

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