About Us

We are a blog about gaming, and gaming related things, written by gamers that just happen to be female. Each one of us discovered this hobby in different ways, but we all found a home. Whether it’s mastering a video game, dressing up for a LARP, or running a roleplaying game, we all dove in head first and embraced our inner nerd.

One of the best parts of being a gamer is that it is a social endeavor. To get the most out of the games we love, you need to find people to share them with. This blog is yet another way for all of us to share our love and enthusiasm for a hobby that is enriched by a continuing conversation. We are here to talk about ALL of the games!

Alana Smith-Brown: (Admiral Princess)  Email Alana

Alana’s Nerd Cred is unquestionable. She was a contestant on the first season of TBS’ reality TV show <i>King of the Nerds</i>. When she isn’t enjoying the limelight that being on TV brings, she also loves playing board games, tabletop RPGs, and LARPing.  She began gaming in a play-by-post format and moved on to tabletop RPGs in college. Her love of anime brought her to her first convention, where she discovered LARPing. Now she goes to gaming-centric conventions and meets new people and joins them in exciting adventures in games around the convention. At home Alana runs a Monday night game and helps run a monthly Vampire: The Masquerade LARP.

Angela Murray: (Captain Princess)  Email Ang

Since the day her father began to read The Hobbit to Angela and her little brother, she irrevocably and forever became a nerd. In the early days, it was just fantasy and science fiction with a healthy dose of comic books. Then one day in high school she was invited to play Dungeons and Dragons. She was handed a halfling thief and somehow and inexplicably survived a typical first edition AD&D TPK. That day created an obsession that is still going strong many years later.  In recent years, Angela has slowly transitioned from just being a player eager for the next game to taking on the role and responsibilities of a Game Master. She is f ascinated with both the power of storytelling and the social dynamics that exist in roleplaying games. As a relatively new GM, she enjoys experimenting with different game styles and methods for weaving a game’s story together. Even though she occasionally has doubts, her players assure her that her games don’t suck.


Margaret: (Lieutenant Princess)  Email Margaret

MA in English Literature with interests in Shakespeare, feminism, and video game theory/criticism. Former e-board member of Geneseo Area Gaming Group, Japanese Culture Club (Geneseo), and Geneseo Anime Club. Regular attendee of Geneseo’s annual gaming convention, Running GAGG, as well as major cons such as GenCon and Origins Game Fair. Dabbles with playing ocarina and likes to cosplay occasionally.
Current Campaigns: Dresden Files RPG (since Summer 2012) and Delta Green (TBA)
Favorite Video Games include (but are not limited to this list): Psychonauts. Silent Hill 2 and 3. Final Fantasy VI, VII, and IX. Kingdom Hearts. Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken (Blazing Sword). The World Ends With You (Subarashiki Kono Sekai). Killer 7. Okami. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, Skyward Sword, and many others.

Retired Princesses

Lisa: (Lieutenant Princess) 

Lisa’s introduction to geekdom was the X-Men animated series as a child. From there, it progressed to raiding the quarter bin at the local comics shop, hunting for Elfquest volumes that she didn’t yet own, and being completely confused by THAC0 in Castle Ravenloft and Menzoberranzen on the computer. A brief stint in middle school and high school of being anime-and-Final Fantasy obsessed followed. Slash fiction was read; terrible slash fiction was written. Tabletop gaming did not properly get introduced until college; from her first campaign (Shadowrun, playing a medic adept Medical Doctor who somehow managed to keep the Hippocratic Oath), she has had a fondness for offbeat characters (feel free to ask about the time the party got Gnomed).  Nowadays, she enjoys Pathfinder, still replays Final Fantasy games on the regular, and recently spent over a year on Skyrim while still not getting all the trophies. Lisa would describe herself as a casual gamer, an angry feminist, and a lover of small gaming conventions. he is kept by one spoiled dog.

Caitlin: (Lieutenant Princess)  Email Caitlin

CAITLIN has been gaming for a decade–longer if you count her strictly PbP years and playing Baldur’s Gate 2 before she knew what D&D was. She came to tabletop gaming backwards, starting from Jeff Hannes’s dice-less, semi-LARP Dramatic Roleplaying Tournament, to being wooed by World of Darkness, to finally rolling a d20 with 3.5 and Pathfinder. She now plays a variety of  tabletop RPGs, video, card, and board games, while still occasionally dropping all the rules to play in a free-form RPG.

Elle: (Lieutenant Princess) Email Elle

Elle has been a gamer for nearly a decade and a half. Her loves include trashy fantasy books, playing the guitar, making character art for roleplaying games, and spending far too much time on the internet. She lives with two gentlemen of her acquaintance and a smelly cat named Stella, to whom she devotes far too much attention. She can be found in her natural habitat in front of her computer playing Bethesda games or planning her next character for whatever game she’s invested in at the moment. She is brightly coloured to ward off predators, and is also an angry feminist.


Thanking Those That Need It:

This blog wouldn’t be possible without the fantastic community of gamers we interact with. From our regular, hometown groups, to the con friends we only see once or twice a year, to the strangers that become friends through a shared love of games, we are constantly enriched and inspired.

We also need to offer some specific thanks to our Tech Guru:

John Arcadian:(Kilted Regimental Princess)

Without John, we would still be talking about this project in wistful terms. He is our technological backbone, making sure we actually have a website worth looking at.