Heroes of Cosplay: A personal reflection Sep 09


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Heroes of Cosplay: A personal reflection

Syfy channel has been coming out with some really great shows for nerds recently. Face Off is one of their great Reality TV shows that I watch regularly and their new show Heroes of Cosplay comes on right after and hooked me immediately. I love seeing the process of getting these costumes ready for competition. I myself do cosplay, but no longer for competition. This show covers all of the reasons why I no longer cosplay for competition.

Time Management

I’m really not very good at managing my time to work on costumes. I used to make a different costume for every con I went to, but on top of being time consuming, buying all of the materials is really expensive. Victoria is a big example of this. So far she has not made it to one of the competitions and in this most recent episode was working on things very last minute. That is way too stressful for me; now I make one costume for my whole con circuit.

Anime girls

Pretty anime cosplays.

Go Big or Go Home

When I cosplay I’m closer to Becky, I learn the accents and mannerisms of the characters so I can be in character. In episode two Becky had help making a car for her character and all of the parts didn’t make it to the hotel with them. Not having the car did take away from winning the competition but I really hope she had fun dressing up as Taffeta from Wreck-It Ralph. Being Sugar Rush racers may have been better as a group cosplay than a single person cosplay. I know anytime I make a prop for a costume something horribly goes wrong and it ends up missing, so I really have connected with her.

Taffeta from Wreck-It Ralph

Taffeta from Wreck-It Ralph


When I originally got into cosplay it was because I enjoyed dressing up and becoming the characters, now that I am older and have put on a bit of weight I have started being told “This is not a hobby for you.” When Chloe goes out to dinner with a bunch of other cosplayers she thinks that anyone should be able to cosplay at any size; the other cosplayers shoot this idea down immediately. I am in agreement with Chloe, anyone with the skill and the will should be able to cosplay. This week’s episode made me so mad, Becky who really likes the way Monika does cosplay asks to team up for the next con. Monika immediately tells Becky that she “Isn’t good enough at fabricating to work on her level.” Seriously?!? Monika is really young and has her head up her ass because of an interview for an internship with Blizzard and because she’s an apprentice to Yaya. She needs to learn how to work with other people; she isn’t always going to have the luxury of picking and choosing whom she works with. Someone needs to take a pin and pop her ego, I really hope Blizzard is the one who does it. She really needs to watch who she shoots down also because Becky is already judging competitions and I haven’t seen Monika even come close to winning one. This is one of the main reasons I have stopped cosplaying, bitches are mean.
On a side note Blizzard had a bunch of roleplaying books in their library and I may have had a nerdgasm just looking at their collection. 

Takes time away from cons

Cosplaying is really time consuming, what with getting stopped for pictures and having a whole day dedicated to the contest itself. I like meeting new people and experiencing the con itself. I’ve gotten to meet so many awesome people by playing random games and going to seminars. Doing a costume contest would really get in the way of having fun at a con.

Overall I really am enjoying this show, I’m really looking forward to what costumes are coming next. My favorites are Becky, Chloe, and team Crabcat Industries: Jessica and Holly. Who do you really like on the show?


Heroes of Cosplay on Syfy.

Tune in Tuesday nights at 10pm EST right after Face Off on Syfy.

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