Lisa’s GenCon Loot Aug 30


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Lisa’s GenCon Loot

I didn’t have a huge dealer’s room budget this year at GenCon, but I did manage to get a few things. Including Con Crud (for freeeeeee!). Headcold version with the sore throat booster pack. Good times.

So, without further ado, my experience with the Dealer’s Room.

Lisa's Phat Loot from GenCon!

Lisa’s Phat Loot from GenCon!


Okay, not an obscene amount. But I did get the official GenCon dice, a die that lists body parts, a D6 with dinosaurs on it, and another D6 where the “6” side says “I rolled a 6. Suck it.” Or something to that effect. I don’t have it in front of me. I also got a few Judges, the dice with different faces on each side for happy, sad, angry, etc. Since I am hoping to GM a game and possibly a campaign soon, I anticipate that these will be useful.

Also, I really like dice. My second dice bag is currently full. I either need a third dice bag or to admit that I have a problem (I.e. that I only have two dice bags and don’t have a bunch of them to sort dice by type. Clearly this is the problem.)


My fiancée really enjoys board games. I am not as big a fan, but we do enjoy playing board games together, so trawled the dealer’s room looking for 2-player games. We made a list of games that looked good that we want for the future, and picked up two games at the con. I am super excited for Takenoko because pandas, and Word on the Street since I can also probably maybe play that one with my mom, who when she watched us playing “Ticket to Ride” made a comment about how she couldn’t see how it was fun. This is the woman who taught me to love Scrabble. So. We will see. Also, expect reviews of these games when I get a chance to play them a few times.


So I love the Shadowrun world. I love playing it. A few years ago, I got some books so I could try to run it, and then life got busy (and I was also in two weekly Pathfinder games which took a fair amount of time) and it never happened. But! Apparently the new edition allows for attacking computers with lightening so I will no longer have GMs tell me that I can’t hit the computer with a lightening bolt because the computer has no hit points and so it will have no effect. Considering that I had built a character specifically for that purpose, since it made sense at the time and the first few GMs I played with allowed it, it was very sad indeed. I swear I’m not still bitter three years later and going to write a whole article about it at some point.

I also picked up a mission pack where all of the missions are set in Seattle, so I can get the hang of running the game and then we can turn it into a campaign maybe if people want. I might need to kidnap some people first to play.


I always get the Ram’s mug, and this year is no exception, even if I could not read what it said since the font is kind of funky and one of the letters is supposed to be read twice even though it is only on there once. Not in the Dealer’s Room. But I think it still counts as loot.


The Dealer’s Room was very busy this year. From what I heard thirdhand from vendors, they were doing very well. Traffic was a bit heavy at times in the aisles. I did not go first thing in the morning on any of the mornings, so managed to avoid the big rushes. There was almost everything gaming and geek related that you could ask for. Except tiaras. My one regret.

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