My Gamer Turn-off: What do you mean, you never played (insert title here)?? Apr 01


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My Gamer Turn-off: What do you mean, you never played (insert title here)??

Yeah, you guys know what I’m talking about, and I’m sure it’s annoying to you too. “What do you mean, you’ve never played (title)?” “You haven’t seen (TV show/movie/play)? You’re not a true fan!” “You haven’t read (title)? How can you call yourself a book lover?” (Same goes for music too.)

It usually boils down to this simple idea– there is something wrong with YOU because you missed something or haven’t gotten around to it.


But it happens. We perpetuate this behavior. I did it earlier to my boyfriend– “What do you mean you have never played CHRONO TRIGGER?” And although he sat with me during Game of Thrones  playing it, many people would be put off. That reaction? It ruins it for a lot of people, and they’ll refuse to play the game/watch the show/read the book because guess what? You just pissed them off.

I have another friend who absolutely would not watch Doctor Who because she was so put off by that kind of “what’s wrong with you, you can’t call yourself a true nerd if you haven’t blah blah blah” attitude. When we act like this, we entrench ourselves in the “omg why are you so annoying” category, and the person we’re talking to writes us off, and, by extension, write that cool game, show, movie, books, etc… off. We want to share the things we love, but it’s this kind of attitude that is not helping. We end up pushing others away from the things that give us joy and satisfaction because we are simultaneously insulting someone while recommending something awesome. That something awesome is then, for a time, overshadowed by our bad attitudes.

There’s a better way to say it without diminishing someone else’s nerd cred and putting them down. It’s not shocking that we all have gaps in our gaming/movies/etc experiences. We’re not posers if we haven’t played a couple of “classics”; we’re just growing. We’ll get to it.

“You know what? You would like (insert name of thing here). I think you’ll really enjoy it.” It works a lot better than being a jerk about it.

Please feel free to share your stories about things you’ve avoided because someone else was annoying you.

My example: Someone bothered me so badly that I refused to play Okami for a while, even though Okami is very cool and worth it.

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